How do I apply?

1. Apply through this link:
2. You will then receive a confirmation letter from us after your exam and paperwork receive a favorable assessment with a job available related to your course or school program. If there is no available job related to your course or school program, you will be advised accordingly.
3. You will then be required to submit an endorsement letter from your school signed by your practicum subject teacher or Dean of college and send to this email address

How many hours will I work?

The hours you will work will depend on the internship program you chose. We will mutually agree on the hours that you work daily, working around your school schedule for other subjects that you may be enrolled in for the semester.

How much will I earn?

Technically, we do not pay for trainees but we are open for long-term engagement that's paid if you meet our minimum standard of work after your OJT.
Please bear in mind that our international partners have exhausted their internal members and managers to train and manage you, so basically, the companies are shouldering some costs for your internship.

What can I do afterward?

The IIT Hub, through its mother company, Intellisense institute of Technology, Inc. will issue you the certificate of completion of your practicum. You are welcome to check on our partners’ recruitment boards for job postings that you may qualify for after your internship experience with us.

What qualifications and/or experience do I need?

You don't need any experience to apply for OJT / practicum. You just need to be a student enrolled in a high school or college program that requires an apprenticeship.

What if I don’t have an endorsement letter or my practicum professors won’t give me an endorsement letter without an acceptance letter from the company?

An acceptance letter from us is a response to an endorsement letter from the applicant’s school. The endorsement letter will help us assess if we will be able to accept the applicant based on the course/strand and OJT hours he/she needs to produce. Once assessed, we will then send an acceptance letter, confirming a spot for you in our OJT Program. An endorsement letter from your school is needed for us to assess your application and confirm if we have task slots based on your OJT hours and your course/strand.

For instance, an endorsement letter is not possible to produce, is there an alternative to it?

No, there is none. But if producing this takes a long time to process, you may request an informal letter from your practicum subject teacher and submit that to us in the meantime.

What are your company details?

Business ID No: F- 072230-002021 Business Name: Intellisense Institute of Technology, Inc. Name Owner: Gregoria A. Flores Business Tin No: 467-399-643-000 Status: Business License Granted VISION IIT aims to be highly recognized locally and globally by producing skilled, technical, and professional individuals. MISSION To provide affordable high-quality career training that meets the needs of our students and employers, adding to the economic vitality of the community.

What tasks are available in your company?

We have partnered with several international companies, registered in Portugal, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The tasks for our OJT or interns range from Marketing, Office Administration, IT, Data Entry, Research, Outreach, Backend, and Customer Service tasks. The tasks assigned will be mainly based on the internship program chosen, and the student’s course and year level.

What if I am not required to do a practicum/ internship, but I want to hone my skills and learn more about tasks related to my course?

We salute you! We have a lot of interns who are with us intentionally, even if they’re not required by their school yet. It is not a usual thing to meet students who are eager and hungry to learn more about the industry you are getting yourself into. Though our companies want to follow the rules and regulations of our education system in the Philippines, we appreciate and are in awe of those who want to find training opportunities and want to be able to apply them in a work setting. In this case, we will be asking you to fill out a waiver form if you are over the age of 18, and a parental consent form if you are under 18.

Will the application letter be provided by the company?

From the name “application letter”, it should be coming from the person who is applying to be part of the company’s OJT program. So to answer this question, no, the application letter will not be provided by the company. The OJT applicants are to write an application letter stating their intent to apply as an intern/OJT member of our company.

Do we accept interns majoring in BS Mathematics?

Yes, we do accept BS Mathematics interns. They will mostly do administration tasks.

What if the chosen program is longer than my rendered hours required by our school curriculum?

You will have to finish the internship program you’ve selected even though you have already accumulated your minimum required number of hours. We recommend picking the shortest program that can accommodate your required number of hours.

What if we are only allowed to do an internship in a span of a month or so? And we're not allowed to enroll in the next semester unless we’re done with the internship, what will we do?

We can have a call with your school coordinators for them to allow their students to continue their internship with us, with a customized daily schedule. You can let your school coordinator book a call with Ms. Imee through this link,

What if I am a volunteer intern who isn’t required to do an internship in my course/program and doesn’t have a required number of hours, when can I withdraw from the OJT program? What is the process for withdrawal?

For volunteer interns who are here to gather learnings and experiences, you are to follow the internship program you’ve chosen upon applying even if your school is not requiring you to do OJT. However, you can withdraw from internship with us anytime by sending an email to

When can I start my internship?

There are two orientations you need to attend before you can start your internship officially.

  • 2 in 1 Orientation
  • Task Orientation
Before we schedule you for a task orientation, we will send you an acceptance letter attached with an internship contract. The internship contract must be sent back to us before we officially onboard you. You can start your internship immediately after attending the Task Orientation.

What is the organizational structure of The IIT Hub?

Please visit this link to see.


How many hours can I render in a day?

The hours you will have to render will depend on the team you will be a part of and your class schedule. You can render 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday. 4 hours shift (9 am to 1 pm). Some specific teams can render a maximum of 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday that will be based on your tasks. 8 hours shift (9 am to 5 pm). For Interns who are also Team Managers, they are required to render 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

What if I have morning classes during the said shift hours?

Once your classes start, we will be working around your class schedule. So after you enroll, please provide us with the following:

  • Study Load
  • Class Schedule
Even if you're in evening class, you still need to send your class schedule in order for us to formalize everything without having any problem.

Can I change my shift into an afternoon shift from 1pm to 5pm?

It depends if your Team Coordinator / Head HR will allow you. You need to inform the HR of your valid reason first and wait for an approval.


What if I need to request an Evaluation Report and Certificate of Completion, where should I go?

To request for an Evaluation Report and/or Certificate of Completion, you can fill out the Evaluation Request Form and Certificate Request Form which can be found below: Evaluation Request Form: Certificate Request Form: Please upload all your attachments and files in PDF Format.

After completing my required number of hours, what should I do next?

All interns are required to render a 1 week OJT extension after completing their required number of hours. Afterwhich, inform the HR and your Team Manager that you’ve already completed your OJT hours and done with your 1 week OJT extension.


After the Task Orientation, what do I need to do?

We will be sending you an email of invitation in our Slack workspace. Slack app is our main medium of communication. You will do your attendance there, and all announcements and updates will be sent there as well.

How will I do my attendance?

In the attendance channel, follow this format: Time In - @ (mention the HR) Time Out - @ (mention the HR) Only message “Time In” before your shift starts or once you are ready to work.

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.