Internships made easy!

The IIT Hub is an internship service center located in the heart of the Philippines, which provides graduate students with work experience. The hub has partnered up with several local and international companies to provide internships for interns from all over Asia and internationally.

Our Core Value


We, at IIT Hub, want to ensure that our interns make the most out of their internship experience with us. So we have created different internship programs tailored to the field and industries they want to focus on.

Having a face-to-face or work from home setup means that you'll have access to high-quality opportunities to learn more about your desired industry while getting some real-world skills under your belt! All placements are carefully monitored by management who keeps track of key performance indicators such as goals and feedback along with each placement so we can make sure our graduates get exactly what they want out of this opportunity


We are part of a society where everyone, especially the student youth, is keen to learn and eager for the real world to witness their skills.


The IIT Hub aims to be highly recognized locally and globally by producing skilled, technical, and professional individuals through partnerships with local and international companies. To drive this passion and the instinct of innovation is what The IIT Hub internship program doing to bring inspiration to our student interns. The future of students is the most relevant and massive goal; it brings the outcome of the IIT Hub goals. The IIT Hub envisions reaching every student in the local and international community to excel academically through learnings and the skills the students can acquire during their whole internship. 


The IIT Hub internship program, with the partnership of the education, expands the footprint and vision of career and professional development to empower the interns to pursue a path to fulfilling their careers. 

Our Company Profile

Business ID No:                                               F- 072230-002021

Business Name:            Intellisense Institute of Technology, Inc.

Name Owner:                                                  Gregoria A. Flores

Business Tin No:                                               467-399-643-000

Status:                                                 Business License Granted

Our Core Team

Ms. Imee.jfif

Imee Fitzgerald​

Founder, The IIT Hub

Ms. Gregoria.jfif

Gregoria Flores

President, IIT


Kate Vengano

HR - Admin & Operations